About us

After many years of experience in the logistics world, give rise to PHI CARGO, a company focused on international trade, dedicated to the export and import of a wide range of products, including agricultural goods, processing and export of food products, mineral exploitation cargo, coal transportation, among others. We also have a team specialized in international trade, allowing us to offer comprehensive logistics solutions, and we have our own fleet of large trucks, intended to provide international freight services in the countries of the region. Our distinguishing features include a customer-oriented approach, efficiency in our procedures, responsibility, professionalism, and above all, trust.

International Trade

We commercialize a wide range of products ranging from agricultural cargoes, fractionation and export of food products, cargoes generated in mineral exploitations, coal, among others.


We are qualified as an international carrier and we have our own fleet of large trucks.

Logistics and international trade


Commercial and Operations Department

Administration and Finance Department